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From our Gardeners


My Hibiscus does bench presses now…

Amy | USA

"I’m not saying this stuff is magic, but I’m pretty sure Gandalf created it. My mother-in-law bought me this beautiful hibiscus for my birthday. It blooms 8-9” flowers and with Incredible Bulk, I think it probably bench presses the Crotons growing around it"

These bloom nutes work!

Mike | USA

"Been using this for 2 years now. Absolutely love this stuff and the fact that you can feed it right up to harvest is magnificent. The flowers bulk up really fast and have a strong aroma. Trichome development is super frosty."

Great for root growth!

Carlos | USA

"Loved this product. Just ordered another. Had little to no smell. Improved my root development and growth like crazy! After harvest I cleaned my soil and the root system was beyond massive! Too be honest, I was pretty liberal with it and my plants noticed no nute burn. Awesome product if you build your own nutrients."


Autoking | USA

"It’s definitely a great investment and makes hell of a difference! Come to find out Autoflowers respond very well. It’s Idiot proof. WONT BURN PLANTS."

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