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Feeding Schedule


  • Our Full Lineup – Each tier incorporates previous ones, for example, if one is to use Professional Tier they will also use all products in Advanced Tier and Core Tier. You can mix and match between all tiers as needed.
    • Core – Looking for the fastest way to start growing organic? This tier is for you. Our core products are everything you need to get started wether this is your first grow or your 200th. If you are looking to switch nutrients this setup will give you everything you need to test our products in your environment. 
    • Advanced – Already familiar with Growganica or growing organic? Our Advanced product mixed with the core tier provide a well balanced diet for your plants. This tier is designed to not need any other inputs from outside our scheduled program.
    • Professional – Growing commercially or are you a connoisseur? Our professional products mixed with the previous tiers will give you the most advanced and dialed in organic input for your plants and microbes providing you the highest quality of results in terms of not just taste, smell, and terpenes but also unmatched yield and size. 

Chat with us on Instagram! Send a direct message to @Growganica for a simpler way to get in touch and we'll answer your questions. 

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