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My bag leaked in the mail?

Our mail carriers work hard but accidents happen. We got you covered on a new bag, send us a direct message on Instagram @Growganica. 


Are your nutrients and fertilizers organic?

Yes! We have multiple lines already, OMRI and Vegan Certified. We only use ingredients that are all natural, sustainable, and domestically sourced in the United States. Currently we are working on organic certifications for all our newly released products. 


Who is Allen?

Allen is a botanist, farmer, and a mad scientist, as well as the founder and creator of Growganica. His passion for organic and sustainable farming drove the creation of our nutrient system that is not only positive for the environment but even better for your plants.


Customers are asking me for your product, how do I get it on my shelves?

Send us a direct message on Instagram @Growganica for wholesale & retail inquiries. 


Do I need to balance the ph after using Growganica?

No, our product is all natural and contains no synthetics so there is no need to adjust the ph after application. 


Does this work for soil or hydroponics?

Yes, Growganica works great for all gardening and farming methods. 


There is still powder sitting at the bottom of my reservoir?

We recommend adding our powdered fertilizers a little bit at a time, stirring gently to ensure maximum solubility. 


Do I need to flush my plants during the last 2 weeks of flowering?

No! There are no synthetic ingredients in our products so there is nothing to flush out.

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