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Core + Advanced Starter Pack - GROWGANICA

Core + Advanced Starter Pack

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Unlock the full potential of your garden with the Growganica Core + Advanced Starter Kit. This comprehensive package combines the essential products from our Core range with advanced solutions, providing everything needed for vigorous growth, flowering, and nutrient enhancement. The kit includes 1QT Microbes, 1lb Veg, 1lb Bloom, 1lb Incredible Bulk, and 8oz. Kelp It Real – tailored for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Perfect for 1-6 indoor plants or 10'x10' outdoor plots!

Understanding the Composition:

  • Microbes: A rich blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi, ideal for establishing a healthy soil ecosystem.
  • Veg: Specially formulated to feed Microbes for the vegetative stage with balanced nutrition to promote lush growth. 
  • Bloom: Targets the flowering phase, delivering essential nutrients for vibrant blooms and healthy fruit set.
  • Incredible Bulk: An organic bloom booster, expertly designed to enhance flower and fruit development.
  • Kelp It Real: Provides a broad spectrum of micronutrients and natural growth stimulants from cold-pressed kelp.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete Nutritional Support: From seedling to harvest, this kit offers a full range of nutrients and beneficial microbes.
  • Enhanced Plant Health: Each product works in harmony to promote robust growth, resilience, and productivity.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Made with natural and organic ingredients, safe for the environment and your garden.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide variety of plants, including vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants.
  • User-Friendly Application: Simple to use, with clear instructions for optimal results in any garden setting.

Application Guide:

  • Medicinal Plants (Potted, Rock-wool, Soil): Follow individual product instructions for each stage of plant growth.
  • Hydroponics: Suitable for various hydroponic systems; use as directed for each product.
  • Vegetables, Flowers, and Ornamental Plants: Apply each product according to its specific usage guidelines during the respective growth stages.
  • General Tips for All Applications: Observe plant response and soil condition, adjusting applications as needed. Combine with regular watering for seamless integration into your gardening routine.
    Free Shipping USA orders $50+
    24/7 Support Lets Talk Gardening
    All Organic Proudly Made in USA