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Vitamin Sea Growganica Inc
Vitamin Sea Growganica Inc
Vitamin Sea Growganica Inc
Vitamin Sea Growganica Inc

Vitamin Sea Organic Magnesium Plant Supplement with Super Micronutrients 0-0-0


Growganica Vitamin Sea is an advanced liquid mineral complex, derived from concentrated seawater. With an NPK of 0-0-0 and 2.9% magnesium, it's packed with over 90 naturally occurring elements, providing a broad spectrum of micronutrients essential for efficient plant growth and physiological processes.

Understanding the Composition:

  • Magnesium 2.9%: Plays a critical role in photosynthesis, enzyme activation, and overall plant health.

Key Benefits:

  • Addresses Micronutrient Deficiencies: Ensures a balanced supply of essential elements for plant growth.
  • Supports Critical Plant Functions: Vital for photosynthesis, flowering, and fruiting processes.
  • Improves Plant Health: Enhances vigor and resistance to stress.
  • Eco-Friendly: Sourced sustainably, promoting a healthy gardening environment.

Application Guide:

For All Plant Types:

  • Dosage: Mix 5ml of Vitamin Sea per gallon of water.
  • Frequency: Apply with each watering throughout the growing season.
  • Application: Can be used as both a soil drench and foliar feed.

General Tips for All Applications:

  • Tailor to Plant Needs: Adjust dosage based on specific plant requirements.
  • Synergize with Other Products: Complements other Growganica products for a holistic nutrition approach.

Plant Categories and Uses:

  • Vegetables and Fruits: Enhances overall growth and improves flavor.
  • Ornamentals: Boosts plant vigor and aesthetic appeal.
  • Houseplants: Ideal for maintaining healthy indoor plants
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